Saturday, June 7, 2014

Conversation Room With Design Elements

Conversation Room With Design Elements

What makes a conversation room with design elements and style? A conversation room can be any area in your home, it's a gathering place.

To make a conversation room enjoyable you need a few basic elements, such as focal points, comfort, and of course friends! You need a point of interest to draw your eyes to a place of rest. Such as, a stunning table in entryway with a simple glass bowl or flowers.

Arranging comfortable but stylish furniture to create cozy conversation area. Add side tables and a foot rest that have character to spark conversation. The flow of traffic should not pass through the conversation area, but around.

A fireplace will give a room warmth, ambiance and a place to gather. Large photographs, paintings, mirrors and architectural wall hanging make point of interest.

If you have a beautiful view from your window, frame it with decorative window treatments and arrange furniture to optimize the scenery.

Water features are tranquil and relieve stress. I have a waterfall in my showroom that puts my clients at ease as soon as they enter. Add plants to enhance the space and purify the air.

Grouped unified shapes to make a focal point and add design elements to walls. Be original and add your personality to area. If you cycle, find unique art pieces reflecting your passion. If you admire the outdoors, add nature inspired fixtures. Your guest with gather in your conversation room and want to know your design secrets.

I enjoy modern tech gadgets, but that doesn't replace the art of conversation. Just how many of your social media friends will you invite into your conversation room?

Written by Joan Schuler
Joan E Designs, Interior Design Showroom

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